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For those who take their food seriously. 

You're a restaurant in charge of feeding hungry customers.

  • You have a great product and the desire to expand your business  
  • Your customers keep asking if they can get it delivered
  • You have kitchen staff driving cars instead of making food
  • You want to expand your business without expanding your walls
  • You want to be a part of the evolution of restaurant delivery

What do you do?

Click the button below to place an order and stop giving away all your profits to the RDS guys.  Call in the A-team at 651.204.0961.





You are a business professional who has one or multiple corporate lunch meetings that you are in charge of ordering for per week.  

  • You want the delivery driver to look professional

  • You want clear communication

  • You want to ensure that you get the food fresh and on time for all of your hungry mates

What do you do?

Click the button below and order up or call in the A-team at 651.204.0961.

All my customers who received deliveries from Accell.co say the guys are very nice and courteous.
— Craig B. // customer

This is the evolution of restaurant delivery

  • We have created a new approach to restaurant delivery that respects the Restaurant's actual needs and bottom line while providing old-fashioned customer service that creates real-time value for the meeting professional!

  • We have innovated a food delivery model called Restaurant Courier & Catering (RCC).   This model allows care for the restaurants courier needs like supply runs or store to store transfers and generates revenue based on the value we bring rather than injuring the restaurant's bottom-line.

  • This is the BEST fusion of two worlds: courier AND food delivery! Accell Fresh. Not one or the other "shoe horned" into your restaurant's needs! We deliver better.

  • Every Accell Fresh Certified driver has demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in food safety, driving safety, and unprecedented 5-Star customer service. This certification is the first of it's kind in the way it combines the exact recipe of safety and service in the food delivery industry.

  • Accell.Co has been a leader in the restaurant or food delivery industry since 2008, long before the hype of the "cookie-cutter" RDS (Restaurant Delivery Service) companies. Current RDS companies have a one-size-fits-all model that is based on a web platform. Their depth of integrity for your deliveries and representing your brand at the user's end is like the Donald trying to sell humble pills.

  • Accell Fresh has been an ingredient in the winning recipe of the food and catering delivery industry for 7 years with leaders such as: Agra Culture, Panera Bread, Cossettas, and Degidios.


Accell Fresh 5 STAR Service

1. Certified:  Accell Fresh Certified Drivers will have demonstrated and been tested on their proficiency and specialized knowledge in food safety, driving safety, and 5-star customer service.

2. Uniformed:  Accell Fresh Certified Drivers arrive with clean-cut Accell Fresh uniforms, Accell vehicle identification, and personal identification badges.

3. Service Time: 1 hour advanced notice. Restaurant designates pick-up time. 30 minute delivery from when it's ready to customer's table. 15 minute arrival window for customers. Courtesy call upon arrival. We deliver better by keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. *Refrigerated vehicle available upon request*

4. Communication:  Accell Fresh Certified Drivers communicate via phone calls, texts, and software with contacts, dispatch, and always call contact upon arrival and ask where that customer specifically would like the product to be placed. The driver will never ask for a tip - if the customer or restaurant insists, the driver may receive a cash tip. Driver calls restaurant contact if weather or traffic cause issues for pick up or calls customer contact for delivery.

5. Set-up: Accell Fresh Drivers will be trained on industry standards for catering set-up and layout (yes, we can set up pans, half pans, and chafers). Accell Fresh Certified drivers politely offer “would you like me to set this up and lay it out for you?”.  This helps the customer and displays Accell Fresh's “customer service disposition,” meaning, even if a set-up is not needed it communicates customer service!